Things we Like: Sunday Times Style November


Date: 17 April

Featuring: MM orange Cashmere Knickers

Stylist: Flossie Saunders


Style cover

Makeda Matheson cashmere

Thank you!


Things we Like: AW17 August

Our AW17 collection captured on Instax film...

MM AW17 collection

Captured by Stephanie Clair



Things we Like: Madeline... again June

"It a little house in Paris that was covered in vines lived 12 little girls in 2 straight lines" - Ludwig Bemelmans

The characters, illustrations... rhyming couplets; Madeline has been a life long source of inspiration.


Things we Like: MM cashmere knickers June

Join the revolution...

Shop now and prepare to lounge LUXURIOUSLY.


Things we Like: SS17 June

More BTS from our shoot captured on Instax by Stephanie Clair.



Shop the full collection here



Things we Like: Tokyo May

Some pictures captured on one of MMs trips to Japan.

Featuring MM 'almost polo' sweater - shop here... now

Photos by Tom Swindell


Things we Like: Home 1 of 2 April

Series captured at home by Tom Swindell

Featuring our cashmere Tee, Intarsia V sweater and socks



Things we Like: The Good Hair Club April

We love The Good Hair Club this shoot by Kariima Ali, featuring me (MM) and the wonderful musician, Tendai Franklyn-Brown.

Visit The Good Hair Club for an excellent selection of black haircare products.

Shop the cashmere featured in the shoot here.


Things we Like: Jasmine Hemsley April

... Rocking her MM 'circle beanie' all over town.

Circle Beanie sold out but back soon - shop other cashmere hats here.

Thank you @jasminehemsley and @hemsleyhemsley



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Storage Advice: Always wash before storing your cashmere garments, any trace of dirt or dust may attract clothing moths.

If you don’t have time to wash it, pop it into the freezer in a sealed zip lock bag until you’re ready. Freezing kills and stops the development of the moth larvae that makes the holes in our knitted clothes.


Care Instructions: Remove pilling using a Sweater Stone© or similar pill removal device; this will remove the long fibres as well as freshening the look of your cashmere.

Always follow the care instruction label to the letter. Every garment is different but most cashmere can be hand washed using a mild detergent such as Woolite© or machine washed at 30 degrees on the wool program using a non-biological detergent. Washing will make the piece softer over time.

Reshape while wet and dry flat - this will stop your garment from stretching.

Ruffs are hand-wash or dry-clean only, reshape while wet and dry flat.

Darning Instructions: Our cashmere socks are sold with darning yarn so you can repair and prolong the life of your lovely socks. Please email us if you require additional yarn and we’ll send some out to you free of charge.

You will need:
• The yarn contained in the sock packaging.
• A darning needle - this can be purchased from any haberdashery.
• A darning mushroom or something with a curve, such as a teacup.

How to darn (it sounds more complicated than it is):
1) Place your darning mushroom (or equivalent) under the hole.
2) If it’s quite a big hole that you are darning, sew a circle of running stitch about half a centimetre away from the edge of your hole to prevent the hole from stretching and getting worse while you are mending it.
3) Secure your thread by sewing two to three stitches on top of each other, in an undamaged part of fabric close to the hole.
4) Sew horizontal stitches across the hole starting and ending close to – but on the hole side of – your circle of running stitches.
5) Then weave a series of stitches perpendicular to your horizontal stitches, working the thread over and under your stitches.
6) Make sure that you leave a long end on the thread when you are finished so that you can weave it into the repair, rather than securing it with a knot.

Please email us if you would like further advice on care or storage.


All orders will be processed within 24hrs and dispatched via Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Outside of the UK - Please email and we can look into making special arrangements.